Being perfect

PERFECTION -The one thing I always aim about is to be perfect. Be it be work, sports, dance, business, parenting and lots of many things we demand perfection. I want to be perfect and also wish that people around me were smart and perfect.

But this perfection is never free. It comes with a cost. The craving for perfection made me an adult from children.


But today on being children’s day lets  me give myself a break to the ever going practice to be perfect and let me spoil myself a little bit.After all who don’t love to be spoiled. I had always secretly wished that once I did this I will do that or do this, buy this, or travel there and so many pacifiers we give. But from now I will spoil myself to do some things in present just in the moment without thinking about future.So I can proudly say that I LOVE BEING SPOILED.


Being perfect

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