I wish

​I wish you come in my dreams, 

Play with my hair, 

Kiss my eyes, 

And i wish that you tickle my ear. 

I wish you to understand my unspoken fears. 

See the sorrow in my eyes, 

All the pain I want to convey , 

And I wish I don’t need to confess.

I know it’s hard for both of us, 

And it requires a lot of strength, 

To be distant away loving me, 

And again I wish that you will come to me. 

I wish there was no anger, 

No silly fights no crying, 

If still i was being grumpy, 

I just wish you’d pamper me. 

Sometimes it’s all so simple, 

But at other moment it’s so complex

I wish I could blame you more, 

But then I felt it was all our fault. 

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