6 reasons why is home better than hostels?

If you have always dreamed of living in hostel fascinated by the life of hostels shown in Bollywood movies(mine was mohabattein) then surely you must have thought about graduating from a college away from your home and living a life in hostel enjoying college time living in a hostel culture. But due to various situations, many times our dreams don’t get fulfilled and the dream to study in the hostel was also left unfulfilled. We used to envy our school friends who were enjoying their college life in a hostel with no restrictions. But there is a list of things that make us luckier than the so-called hostellers.

  1. Being at home we can always get the food we love by making cute puppy faces. 
  2. No tension to wash dirty clothes, cleaning room and cooking. Image title
  3. Going for late night parties, you will have to just convince mummy and she will convince rest of the family.    Image title
  4. Your pockets are never empty. May be it is hard to convince mom and dad for pocket money but at end it is always we who win. Image title
  5. You are always with your family when you need them or they need you. Image title
  6. There is someone around you always to love you and take care of you. Image title

I now think that living at home has more advantages than being in a hostel. What do you think?

Image Source : Google Images


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