Why I would never wear a lipstick to college again?

I am a 20 year college girl who loves experimenting with my looks. The fact I love to experiment is to avoid the boredom of looking like same again and again, I am good at it( OK! maybe sometimes not) and my 85 kg body can’t look good in every cloth I buy.

So, my new semester just began and I decided to try lipstick in college. Although it was not the first time i was wearing Lipstick but until now i have put make-up on very few occasions or maybe I can say people have seen me wearing make-up just 6-7 times in my whole teenage life. I don’t personally love makeup but if something can make you feel more confident about yourself then it’s good for me. I got ready and put on the lipstick. I asked my mom that if it look fine? As usual she said yeah! its good. (Mum’s never give the right opinion when it comes to judge their own child and in my case she might not have wished to dishearten me and also I think I was looking pretty damn different.)

The semester had just began and there were many of my classmates who were not present in the class. As I reached my first lecture late because my scooty took longer to start than usual so the teacher made me let sit in the class after a warning. As the first lecture was over and the teacher exited class, My classmates starting hushing and then finally an unwelcome comment from one of my guy friend.

He: oh! you are wearing lipstick today?

Me: (thinks- is it so noticeable?)yeah,just like that!

After sometime,

He : You shouldn’t wear lipstick in college.

Me:(wtf?) Why do you have a problem with my lipstick?

He: Ok! just don’t look backwards and see towards blackboard.

Me: (think in my mind -highly rude .Ignore him!)

And then were my other girl friends who said that were commenting on the same thing. I might have wipe the lipstick out but I was not in mood of doing that. I just kind of tried to forgot the lipstick thing and continued my lectures, came home. When I came home and looked in mirror my lipstick was not looking good to me now . Maybe it needed touch-up and as I wore it very first and last day in college, I was not aware how to maintain lipstick. I just washed my face off. But the disastrous day at my college made me feel like no more experiments and trying something new. I might not stop doing it but I m not sure after how much time will I will be seen doing something trendy with my looks(not at least in college any sooner). šŸ™‚



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