Hecnet Introduction

At times, It becomes very difficult to know about the latest event or news in college. Sometimes we forget to check the notice board or sometimes the news is not displayed on notice board. I was thinking of building a website that could help me and my friends to remain updated with latest events ongoing in our college. But the idea was easy to think, a lot hard to implement.

After attending the Modern App Development Course, I realized that I can make an interactive app for my college. So, I talked to my friends what the would like in an app for a college and that helped me to generate idea about my internship project at Hasura.

The HECNET ( Haryana Engineering College NETwork)would let the user log into their profile once they register on the HECNET. They can maintain a profile page for themselves and can download various contents related to their course such as date sheets, notes, timetable, previous year papers, etc. Apart from just downloading the things, students would be also able to see the news about latest events in college and also view the notices.

Future scope– The functionality of HECNET could be enhanced by letting various students connect to each other by sending messages and sharing various files.


Please feel free to share your suggestions. That would help us to improve our app and make it more user-friendly.

Image Source : Google Images


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