She was a lonely girl before he came to her life. Struggling with day to day chores, her life was going by. But then he came to her life as a magic.

They met as by chance and none of them knew that they will be going to be soulmates forever. She used to be so confined to herself, all her pains under layers of her smile. He was curious to know her,know her really well.

Slowly and steadily they started coming closer. She felt she was falling for him. The undivided attention and care made her feel so special. She confessed her love to him. But things were not so easy as they appeared. She never had any anticipation that he would say no to her love.

All her dreams were shattered by,

The one on which she used to rely.

But she was adamant about her feeling and she decided to just be with him. She was so attracted towards him that she couldn’t leave him.

It took time and patience and calm,

But finally, they were in their dreamland.

All her dreams were completed now or maybe there was a series of new dreams she starting dreaming.


 Image sources : Google Images 


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